POST Regions & Area Agencies

Peace Officer Standards Training Project Regions & Central Mountain Training Region

Area Agencies 2016

Peace Officer Training Project Region Map
  1. Area Agencies A - M
  2. Area Agencies F - Z

POST Regions & CMTR Area Agencies A - M

  • 10th Security Forces United States Air Force (Air Force Academy)
  • 21st Security Forces United States Air Force
  • Alma Marshal's Office (A408)
  • Buena Vista Police Department (A20)
  • Calhan Police Department (A462)
  • Canon City Police Department (A24)
  • Chafee County Sheriff's Office (A308)
  • Colorado Department of Corrections (A925)
  • Colorado Department of Corrections (Some Non-Certified Officers)
  • Colorado Department of Corrections Inspector General's Office (A920)
  • Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (A923)
  • Colorado Springs Police Department (A33)
  • Colorado State Parks
  • Cripple Creek Police Department (A39)
  • Custer County Sheriff's Office (A314)
  • El Paso County Sheriff's Office (A321)
  • Eleventh Judicial District (A528)